Marine Schmitt

Who am I ?

Whitewater has been my playground since the youngest age. My mum took me down rapids with her on her hydrospeed aged 2!!!

Its no surprise that whitewater became part of my daily routine living right next to a course. 

By the age of 16 I was Senior World Champion in hydrospeed and I also competed at a Junior elite level in canoe slalom.

But along side this passion for the element, whitewater, came the desire to tell its story. I started off making videos with my gopro that would fix to me or my gear at any possible angle or opportunity…

Ottawa River – Freestyle Riverboarding

At 18, I stepped back from the world of elite sport to immerse myself fully into my audiovisual studies. Upon completion of my degree and many worldwide adventures I decided to add one more string to my bow and train as an international raft guide.

Forever pushing further, I’m now an adventure videographer who thrives on creating unique human stories and getting my lens into incredible hidden places.

Trips, sports and discovering are my tools to create.

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