Pic In

What is it ?

Originally 2 seperate worlds that have now blended into one to form Pic In. Marine a lifetime outdoor enthusiast chose to study the visual arts coming out of school. Now she has an audiovisual degree, is an international raft guide and takes her camera and drone on all sorts of adventures around the world. Well travelled with an ability to get her equipment into some of the most remote areas, at ease in the music scene, who better to capture those raw powerful moments… 

Let me tell your story…

My equipment is simple, of high standard and I can take it anywhere. High moutains, to river rapids, to deep gorges, to a concert venue; I can be there. Snow, water, wind ; PicIN is able and can capture in all those environments with the emotions they awaken in us all.

Contact me and together we will capture your story as unique as it is! 

Create together !

Showreel 2019

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